What Are the Best and Brightest Cybersecurity Companies?

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What is the list of top Cybersecurity companies for the 2021 federal election? It should be a short one, with some obvious choices and also a few surprises. No one will be satisfied without strong security systems for the federal government or the private sector. So who makes the cut?

Let’s start with some obvious choices. You have NSA, which spends way too much money and is way too risky. It also has been caught leaking information to its foreign clients. Not a good choice if you want to vote for someone that wants to continue the mass surveillance of Americans.

Then there is Kaspersky Lab, whose anti-cyber threats to businesses have been questioned by numerous government agencies. The company also runs a spyware program that is used by hackers to track your internet activity. It sells that information to advertisers. No one is too sure about how truthful any of their claims are so Kaspersky is simply a target in cyberspace.

Then there is CrowdStrike, the most significant name in the field of forensic computer investigations. They are very professional, very effective and a serious competitor in the cyber space. Their tagline is “If it bleeds, we can bleed,” and they live up to that. If they make mistakes, it is an opportunity to learn and to grow.

One other company on the list that needs to be mentioned is Imperva. This is an online company that conducts corporate computer security audits. It is led by Bruce Byfield, who has a PhD from MIT. He is a founding member of the Association for Information Science in Information Security (AISiS). Imperva is in many ways an heir apparent to Kaspersky Lab, but Bruce Byfield isn’t just another corporate security officer.

He has been on the board of Sun Microsystems, has served on the boards of several other well known companies, and he has done work in the private sector as a consultant. Bruce Byfield’s cyber research expertise is comprehensive and far reaching, focusing on both cyberspace and network security. He also leads the company in the implementation of the Imperva strategy. He is undoubtedly a leader in the top cyber security firms.

Last, but certainly not least, is DDoS (which stands for Define Do Not Track). This is a fairly new phenomenon that started with the Internet Service Providers Association and has been an issue for several years now. A few years back, it was limited to a few ISP’s, but it has since expanded into most ISP’s. It works by recording all computer activity and then attempting to impose a ban on any website from re-circulating this information across the Internet. It is an interesting concept that is being employed to protect against inappropriate content, but it is also a form of spam and has resulted in many legal issues for Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and companies like Google, Facebook and others. DDoS is likely to continue to move forward and perhaps take on a more public role as more companies find innovative ways to fight it.

Hopefully this short list gives you a good starting point for investigating what the best and brightest companies in cyber crime are doing to protect your interests. The field is always changing, but the goal remains the same: to keep the Internet free of malicious online content and to keep people safe from online security risks. This is a very important responsibility and one only a qualified and creative mind can accomplish. Only a few companies have the right kind of mind set to do so and by researching the top cybersecurity companies you can help ensure that the Internet stays a free and open space for everyone.

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