Top LIMS Systems For Small Businesses

Among the many advantages of LIMS is that it streamlines the workflow process and suggests the appropriate instrumentation based on pre-set rules. LIMS is an extremely useful tool for laboratory workers of all disciplines. Although they are generally found in pharmaceutical tracking and manufacturing laboratories, LIMS is beneficial for any lab regardless of its type. Here are some examples of applications:

Workflow management software

LIMS (laboratory information management system) software helps laboratories streamline their processes. Whether you want to manage laboratory equipment or track inventories, LIMS can do it all. The software provides a centralized location for managing all lab processes and operations, and can even assign tasks to researchers automatically. It can even suggest equipment based on pre-set criteria and rules. LIMS has benefits for every lab, but is particularly useful in pharmaceutical tracking, environmental monitoring, manufacturing, and quality assurance laboratories.

Some of the features offered by laboratory management software include test data management, which tracks results from experiments, and inventory management. It also facilitates the creation and management of reports, as well as triggering alerts when stock is low. Other features of lab management software include instrument integration, which ensures that all lab instruments work with each other and provide data exchange between different locations. Important data is secured by using encryption and data transfer, while analytics reporting produces easy-to-read reports. The software also allows users to import notes from an ELN, which is a common method for lab personnel to keep track of lab equipment inventory.

CrelioHealth LIMS software

CrelioHealth LIMS software offers an all-in-one solution for your medical laboratory & diagnostics business. Our HIPAA & ISO compliant, cloud-based solution enables you to effectively handle lab operations, finance, patients, and B2B relationships from a single platform by streamlining your entire lab with custom workflows, configurable report formats, online billing & payments, real-time information tracking, digital report delivery, and automated communications via multiple channels like WhatsApp, SMS, email, or Mobile App (for doctors & patients).



Benchling is a modern research platform that connects the entire R&D lifecycle — from project documentation and data acquisition to sequence design, sample management, process management, and reporting. By standardizing and centralizing R&D workflows on a single platform, Benchling helps forward-thinking companies accelerate their digital lab transformation to enable better, faster decision-making. The Benchling Life Sciences R&D Cloud replaces legacy ELN and LIMS offerings with seven integrated applications: Notebook, Molecular Biology, Registry, Inventory, Requests, Workflows and Insights.



Labguru is a secure, cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), LIMS and informatics platform which offers a complete solution for life science research and industry. It records and manages laboratory data and inventory, includes molecular biology tools and chemistry tools, enables automation of the lab, insight into lab data making labs run more efficiently. With Labguru, scientists can design experiments and workflows, capture structured and unstructured data, manage projects, and share their work.



Hundreds of laboratories use LabVantage as their laboratory information management system. This highly configurable web-based LIMS supports hundreds of concurrent users, is scalable, and can integrate with instruments and other enterprise systems. Its extensive functional capabilities make it the ideal solution for a variety of applications, including pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, molecular diagnostics, biobanking, and many other fields. LabVantage is designed by lab domain experts who guide users in best practices and optimize their LIMS implementation.

LabVantage SDMS is a single, browser-based interface that enables users to access and organize data from various sources. It enables multiple collectors to collect data from a single location, such as an instrument. Data collected from each collector is securely stored and retrieved without the need for extensive manual intervention, ensuring that it is accurate and up-to-date. Its multidisciplinary workflows enable labs to manage a full range of tests in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Blaze LIMS

LIMS (Laboratory information management system) software allows for a variety of functions that make lab work easier. For example, samples have associated data such as the date of collection, the material used to collect the samples, who handled them, and their results. Without LIMS software, keeping track of all of these data would be a lengthy and laborious process, and there’s always the risk of human error. A LIMS system can make this process much easier by automatically collecting data from laboratory equipment.

A LIMS can streamline and automate many lab tasks, such as sample documentation. It can also alert staff members about any issues with samples and track metrics for reporting. It can also store and transfer data from laboratory equipment and other locations, and it can monitor resource usage and errors. These features make LIMS software an essential part of any modern laboratory. Listed below are the most popular LIMS software packages available for purchase today.

Thermo Scientific SampleManager

Thermo Scientific SampleManager is a laboratory information management system that combines process, data, and analytical management for the entire lab. It streamlines operations for contract and manufacturing laboratories, and features a built-in electronic lab notebook and enhanced dashboard configuration that allows you to visualize data the way you want it. The software also integrates with existing informatics infrastructure, making it easy to standardize across multiple locations and enterprise systems.

SampleManager LIMS is a cloud-based, comprehensive, and comprehensive solution that aids laboratories in operations and quality analysis. Key features include dynamic workflows, data archiving, and process automation. It is also flexible enough to scale with the requirements of any laboratory. Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS is available for both small single-lab operations and global multi-site deployments.

Orchard Software

Orchard software provides a variety of tools for laboratories to manage data. Orchard solutions offer customizable layout templates and enable remote management of diverse workflows. Among the many features offered by Orchard are automated generation of Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABNs), automated sample flow management, and automatic delivery of patient and data management reports. In addition, Orchard solutions streamline daily operations for laboratory staff.

Designed for use by multi-specialty clinics and public health organizations, Orchard LIS is compatible with many different types of medical equipment. The system’s powerful features enable labs to maximize efficiency and ROI, while simultaneously expanding their testing capabilities. Its flexibility allows laboratories to support complex workflows, optimize productivity, and support growth. The software also offers regulatory compliance, centralized oversight, and simplified management.

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