Smart Factory Solutions – Connecting Manufacturing Systems For Measurable Productivity Gains

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smart factory solutions ltd

Smart factory solutions enable manufacturers to connect their production systems and realize significant productivity gains through agile and easy to implement technologies.

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Sensors and accessories for automation and process control

Smart sensors quickly transmit diagnostic or parameter data to a central controller, making this information available to predict device failure and plan preventive maintenance with ease. In addition, these smart devices save energy by monitoring inefficiencies and optimizing energy usage – saving both production time and resources in the process.

Consumer electronics must withstand harsh environments without failing, while industrial sensors need to withstand rougher environments while operating on very low power and heat consumption – otherwise they risk premature failure. One effective solution for industrial sensor needs is using IO-Link technology which offers intelligent sensors with remote configuration and communication features.

Amatrol’s Tabletop Smart Factory RFID/Sensors Learning System (87-TMS5AB1) can help your factory become smart without being an expensive or difficult venture, by gradually equipping existing equipment with smart technologies. Amatrol offers this learning tool as an excellent training device to introduce smart sensor operation, programming and connectivity using IO-Link Master connectivity; its kit contains photoelectric sensor, analog pressure sensor and an IO-Link master sensor – ideal training tools that teach smart sensor use and programming with this educational kit equipped with smart photoelectric sensor, analog pressure sensor and IO-Link master sensors as part of its kit.

TeamViewer’s fully integrated augmented reality solution Frontline

Frontline, an integrated augmented reality solution for industries across multiple fields, uses wearable computing technologies to streamline manual work processes across industries. Designed to consciously empower human workers in an increasingly digitized working environment, Frontline features many functions which can significantly boost productivity – such as accessing remote experts or creating manufacturing/maintenance workflows and visual picking tools for logistics environments.

Frontline can easily integrate into SAP Digital Manufacturing for improved shop floor activities and reduced inspection and repair costs through quick troubleshooting via remote support with its Augmented Reality.

TeamViewer’s flexible software can be used for an array of applications and is compatible with all operating systems. Users can connect desktops, laptops, mobile devices and smart products through its cloud-based service; additionally there is also a free version suitable for personal use from TeamViewer available as a cloud service provider.

Industry 4.0

This fourth industrial revolution offers numerous potential advantages to businesses. It allows automated decision-making processes, real-time asset and process monitoring and facilitates value creation networks; as well as new human and production organization systems as well as organizational business models.

Smart factories bring numerous advantages to companies, including increased productivity and profitability, improved quality and enhanced customer experiences. Furthermore, the smart factory also helps meet sustainability initiatives; for instance, it can optimize energy use, decrease waste output and enable remote product upgrades.

Industry 4.0 technology also enables manufacturers to tailor products while still producing mass quantities, which enables medical device and pharmaceutical firms to offer personalized items while remaining mass producers. It allows these businesses to produce smaller batches for individual customers or single item orders for delivery by courier services such as DHL or UPS, improving logistics efficiency while providing more accurate data to internal teams – all while helping businesses minimize human error.

Cloud computing

Digital transformation offers businesses an unprecedented opportunity to optimize production processes and gain from Big Data insights, but in order to do so, they require the appropriate technology infrastructure.

Cloud computing allows employees to access applications, data and development tools from any Internet-connected device at any time or place. SaaS (software as a service) providers offer prebuilt apps over the Web that users pay a subscription fee to use; IaaS providers manage servers, storage space and network infrastructure from remote data centers.

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