Integrated Solutions For Public & Private Enterprises

PROS OneLink is a comprehensive scalable integrated platform which can be customized to create a secure digital city for multiple agencies such as Harbors, Airports, Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Hospitals, Schools, Refineries, Power Plants, Banks, Real Estate and other public and private organizations.

Command & Control Center


PROS OneLink connects and filters incident data for fusion center from various resources like police, emergency management, fire, medical emergencies, DOT and other available agencies. This data is analyzed for specific crime patterns to plan and fight threats and other criminal activities in the region or statewide.

Secure System & Redundancy

  • The system as detailed in the network diagram provides redundancy for all servers with the exception of the reporting server which is not intended to be mission critical during an incident.
  • Redundancy for the web servers, mapping tile cache servers and mapping ortho servers are provided utilizing Microsoft’s Network Load Balancing (NLB) Service.
  • Redundancy for the database servers is provided through Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS).
  • Data for the hosted solutions is backed up nightly with copies stored in a secure location for disaster recovery.
  • Security includes firewalls, IP monitoring and threat detection in a secure data center with video surveillance


  • OneLink’s proven N-tier or N-layer architecture ensures scalability and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Because each layer can be located on physically different servers with only minor code changes, hence they scale out and handle more server load.
  • We also use Network Load Balancing (NLB) and server clustering (SC) to ensure high availability, scalability and reliability
  • Also, what each layer does internally is completely hidden to other layers and this makes it possible to change or update one layer without recompiling or modifying other layers making it very flexible for future changes.
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