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netsuite mobile apps

NetSuite mobile apps give on-the-go business users full and personalized access to their integrated business management suite, including dashboard synchronization of KPI metrics, scorecards, graphs as well as full record support including creation and updates.

NetSuite’s app store offers three main types of solutions: SuiteApps, third-party applications created using NetSuite’s SuiteFlex tools and Web Service integration solutions.

Expense Management

Expense management is an essential step to improving personal financial wellness. However, gathering the data needed from receipts and bank account statements can prove a tedious task.

An advanced expense tracker app on a smartphone mobile can make this task simpler. It automatically syncs financial details from bank accounts, credit cards, investment and saving accounts for quick retrieval.

The ideal expense tracker apps feature a user-friendly interface and organize financial data based on personal capital, cash flow and spending habits.

Time Management

Time management is a vital skill for success. It helps you focus on what matters most and eliminates distractions.

The most successful time management technique is to divide your tasks into categories. Separate those that are essential for success from those that can wait until later.

You can also utilize the Pomodoro technique to divide your work hours into 25-minute segments, followed by a brief break.

NetSuite’s time-tracking software enables you to monitor employee hours and submit timesheets on a weekly or biweekly basis. The system is flexible, customizable, and designed with your business in mind – meaning it can grow along with you as needed.

Complete Activity Management

Netsuite mobile apps offer a robust selection of features to keep your business running efficiently. From expense management and time tracking to business action support and an expansive calendar, there’s something here for everyone.

The activity management dashboard is an impressively designed visualization of your tasks. Plus, the app includes useful functionalities like activity tagging and mass cancelation to save you time.

Business Action Support

Netsuite mobile apps take advantage of the world’s most popular mobile operating system to give mobile professionals unparalleled productivity wherever they go. From their car or beach house to boarding a plane, executives and their teams can manage time and expenses, approve Sales Orders and Expense Reports, convert estimates into sales orders, and access key business metrics with ease.

Full record support is provided for all key record types, such as leads, customers, sales orders, invoices and expense reports. Furthermore, existing customizations like SuiteFlow, custom forms, fields and scripts work out-of-the-box.

Saved Search Support

Netsuite Mobile apps feature Saved Search support, making it simple to locate and execute searches across your devices. Create and access your Saved Searches directly from the home dashboard or via the Navigation Tab Bar.

Users may clone a Saved Search they already have. Doing so provides them with a backup copy of their Searches in case they ever need to restore the original.

The app also offers a number of useful features, including expanded swipe action support and localisation that automatically adapts to your NetSuite language settings and supports multiple currencies.

Expanded Swipe Action Support

Netsuite mobile apps have been engineered with you and your team in mind, providing a rich and immersive experience that is sure to boost productivity while delighting users on-the-go.

NetSuite’s most feature-packed mobile app yet, offers all the capabilities you would expect from an industry leader. A comprehensive activity management system for your phone and slick user interface are just some of the advantages you can enjoy. Plus, manage calendars across lists, weeks and months with ease – plus explore more about NetSuite via free demos and live webinars! The mobile app also serves as a great place to keep up with all the latest developments – get all your questions answered here!


Localisation enhances user experience, extends your app’s reach beyond English-speaking markets and encourages downloads. Furthermore, it builds customer trust and establishes your brand as a global player.

To guarantee your app’s localization, utilize machine translation tools or hire professional native linguists. Doing so will save time and money while guaranteeing that all users have an optimal experience when using it.

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