NetSuite Mobile Apps Boost Productivity

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netsuite mobile apps

Equip finance team members with on-the-go access to NetSuite and boost productivity with the mobile apps’ real-time data for expense reports, purchase requests and time tracking.

Employees can easily enter expenses while traveling and attach copies of receipts using this app. Furthermore, employees can add new contacts, phone calls and tasks associated with records in NetSuite from within this same app.

1. Expense Reports

If your company employs employees who travel frequently and require expense reports while away, enabling expense reporting functionality within its mobile apps could make life much simpler for them. They could use the app to submit expenses while out and about; for example they could take an image of receipts before typing up any additional expenses details in real-time.

Your accounting team should have no difficulty reviewing an expense report to make sure it contains all of the details they require, saving both time and energy from having to return from trips in order to verify whether a specific expense has been entered correctly.

Utilizing the Netsuite mobile app, you can set up approval workflows whereby expense reports are sent directly to specific supervisors and approvers – this helps keep the expense report approval process organized and systematic across your organization.

2. Purchase Requests

expenses often occur on the go, making a mobile app that makes submitting and approving expense requests effortless essential. NetSuite makes this possible through their convenient suite of mobile apps for easy submission.

No matter where your work takes you, our mobile interfaces are tailored for key workflows and provide push notifications when time-sensitive events take place. Available on IOS and Android platforms, these applications offer a mobile-first user interface to keep you in the know with what matters to you most.

Enter purchase requisitions easily using pre-populated fields and department-specific permissions, for maximum control and accuracy. Plus, this software comes equipped with audit logs and reports so that you have a better view into your procurement process.

3. Time Tracking

Time tracking is an indispensable component of any successful business. It enables you to assess whether employees are overworking, identify productivity issues and address them before they impact the bottom line.

NetSuite mobile apps offer flexible time entry solutions that enable you to keep an eye on team members’ work hours even when away from the office. Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, these time entry solutions have been specifically created to streamline work processes while sending push notifications for time-sensitive actions.

Idealistically, every staff member would be on top of their time entries; however, there will always be those who stray off course who require notification.

Reporting missed timesheets in NetSuite is fast and simple for approvers and administrators, while they can set alerts to notify employees and their direct supervisor if timesheets haven’t been submitted by their deadlines. This feature is especially helpful in eliminating time theft and buddy punching practices that cost companies both time and money.

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