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netsuite mobile apps

NetSuite mobile apps enable employees to complete key tasks on the move while accessing real time data. Employees can submit expenses with attachments while out and about, streamline activity logging processes, and track key metrics – all from their phones!

The app supports two-factor authentication with RSA tokens. To take advantage of this feature, log in with your credentials, then answer one of your security questions.


eXtendMobile is a no-code framework for mobile NetSuite integration. The framework can access any accessible record in NetSuite – even custom records – providing the flexibility of updating item records, transforming transactions, or creating custom records as required for business use-case. Furthermore, 1:N integration flows support allows multiple micro functions along workstreams allowing access anywhere including from field or production floors with our no-code functionality designer making designing functions simple!


The NetSuite Mobile App provides powerful ERP capabilities that allow users to work seamlessly from anywhere with data connectivity. It features a user-friendly mobile interface with key workflows and push notifications to help streamline critical tasks and processes for business. In addition, users can manage expenses, log calls and track time while mobile.

The app can be used to access records related to contacts, customers, employees, cases, issues, prospects, leads, sales opportunities estimates and sales orders as well as calendar events (which you can either accept or decline) and mark them complete as well as phone call logging (this feature is usually disabled by default).

The mobile application also provides two-factor authentication (2FA) via RSA tokens and supports custom record filters, saved searches and global searches. Available on iOS and Android devices.


eXtendAnalytics allows you to set threshold values and trigger notifications when they are reached, with options on how often notifications will come through. Once finished, click on the bell icon to test your notification criteria.

The withOnPropChangedAnalytic flag allows you to trigger an analytic when any property changes, making this feature useful in cases when only specific changes require sending an analytic, such as when viewing pages multiple times during rendering.

The trackLinkClicked method tracks customer interactions with your “Learn More” and “Question” buttons as well as your “See Plan Details” link.

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