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NetSuite’s ERP application suite is now available on iPhone and iPod Touch users, giving them access to enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM and e-commerce functionality. Within two weeks of its release, over 1,000 individuals downloaded it – an astounding feat in itself!

Real-time dashboards, expense tracking, time tracking and contact management features of this mobile app are designed to increase productivity on mobile. Furthermore, key workflows are integrated and push notifications are made available for time-sensitive tasks.

Real-time Dashboards

NetSuite ERP iPhone apps feature real-time dashboards that offer a comprehensive view of your business. Designed to make work easier and keep up-to-date on industry developments, these dashboards keep you in the know with what’s happening within your industry.

Real-time dashboards make it easy to track sales and marketing activities. Furthermore, these real-time dashboards enable you to identify any leads or sales opportunities quickly and effectively.

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics is a standard feature of NetSuite that provides businesses with real-time dashboards and reports built directly into ERP, CRM or ecommerce apps used daily by employees for maximum operational insight.

This feature offers tailored visibility within the latest performance metrics and allows users to instantly identify issues or trends, and drill down to transactions for remediation. This enables businesses to gain an in-depth view of their operations, helping identify unexpected business disruptions as soon as they occur.

Expense Tracking

If you want to track and organize your business expenses, there are a few apps that can assist in this effort. They connect to both bank accounts and credit cards, helping to categorize spending while decreasing unnecessary purchases.

Submit expenses effortlessly from any mobile device using our app’s native expense record, supporting bulk uploads of receipts, as well as creating expense policy rules to keep employees on track with expenses.

SmartScan technology makes capturing photos of receipts for reimbursement easy by taking snapshots and automatically coding them for reimbursement. Real time travel notifications, corporate card reconciliation and next day direct deposit reimbursement are also among its features.

Abacus is a cloud-based expense management solution designed to integrate seamlessly with NetSuite, the leader in enterprise resource planning software. The software indexes reimbursable and corporate card expenses by their contextual information, customizing approval workflow and producing meaningful reports.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is one of the cornerstones of effective project management, playing an integral role in progress reporting, billing and profitability.

Timekeeping impacts project planning and long-term resource management, so making time entry easy and accessible for everyone is of vital importance.

The Netsuite iPhone App features several time tracking tools to assist in keeping track of employees’ time, such as manual time entry and weekly tracking tools.

These tools can be an invaluable asset for any business looking to increase productivity. Furthermore, they can assist your team members in taking regular breaks throughout the day.

Employees accustomed to entering their time using notebooks, spreadsheets or notepads will find NetSuite time tracking app extremely user-friendly and have a greater chance of adopting its time tracking methods in favour of NetSuite’s more user-friendly application.

Contact Management

Contact management software is an ideal way to stay organized when managing business contacts. Ideal for use by sales teams, customer support departments or any department with many customers to manage, it offers many advantages over paper systems for keeping tabs on customer relationships.

Marketing professionals can also use Salesforce CRM to stay in contact with potential customers and communicate effectively. Its main aim is to help businesses organize customer data in one central repository while offering tools for sales and marketing automation.

An iPhone contact management solution ensures that your team always have access to data while out and about, which can be particularly beneficial for sales representatives who frequently travel between client meetings or suppliers visits. Tracking progress toward goals and automating repetitive tasks are additional advantages of such solutions, along with keeping an eye on performance reports.

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