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NetSuite’s ERP applications offer you convenient access to business data and key activities from any mobile device. The NetSuite mobile app offers a comprehensive set of functions on an iPhone or Android device.

NetSuite features include access to your account, real-time dashboards and business action support. The mobile app also enables you to manage expenses, track time and attach receipts while away on business trips.

Access to your NetSuite account

NetSuite’s mobile app makes expense reporting, call logging and time tracking a breeze with its intuitive interface filled with dashboard portlets and essential business info. Available on both iOS and Android devices alike, the app makes managing expenses a breeze!

For finance professionals on the go, this app offers push notifications for time-sensitive actions. Furthermore, users can access their NetSuite accounts through a mobile web browser.

This app enables users to work remotely with a data plan, including airports, client sites and coffee shops. It supports two-factor authentication via RSA tokens as well as time zone synchronization and global search features.

Real-time dashboards

NetSuite has released an iPhone application to give users on-the-go access to real-time operational data. The application, available as of today, enables users to browse dashboards, the NetSuite calendar, products and customer records.

Malin Huffman, principal product manager at NetSuite, states that the mobile app offers customers a “richer and stickier experience.” Additionally, it accurately reflects any customizations they’ve made to the main suite.

NetSuite smartphone app gives you a comprehensive view of your business by embedding real-time dashboards into your ERP, CRM or ecommerce systems – giving personalized access to performance metrics so you can identify issues and trends before they have an adverse effect on your operations. Plus, no extra third-party tools are necessary – just click away for relevant data!


Employees can conveniently log their expenses with a mobile app, attach receipts and create expense reports. Furthermore, they are able to submit purchase requests that will be reviewed by managers before being approved.

Furthermore, the app supports push notifications for time-sensitive actions. This enables supervisors to stay abreast of their work without having to log into the office system.

Expense management with the NetSuite iPhone app is now easier than ever! Simply swipe and tap to create an expense report, attach receipts, and review them quickly from your mobile dashboard portlet.

Expenses can be automatically submitted to NetSuite (Method One) or Accounts Payable (non-reimbursable expenses with Method Two). Digital receipts are sent directly to the user’s email address and stored alongside original invoices in their expense record.

Time tracking

NetSuite’s suite of mobile applications make it simple to manage expenses, log calls and track time on-the-go. It provides valuable real-time customer and role insights as well as alerts for time sensitive events in email or SMS format. SuitePhone takes this concept even further by offering desktop quality experiences from your pocket or purse using advanced technology. With SuitePhone you can access these capabilities on both iPhones and Android phones alike – simply download from the App Store for free!


NetSuite’s mobile app for iOS provides real-time customer and role-based insights, alerts for important business events, the power to approve orders and reports, as well as key metrics. It also enables users to perform key tasks on-the-go such as managing leads and checking forecasts, creating quotes or orders and generating expense reports.

Contacts Journal allows users to track all their interactions with contacts via email, phone calls or text messages. It also automatically logs the files, documents and tasks associated with them. It’s an invaluable tool for capturing important data that could otherwise get lost in a database. Unfortunately, it’s expensive at $7.99 and cannot be synced across devices; additionally, while using it may seem intuitive at first glance, you won’t receive any assistance from the app if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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