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Netsuite iPhone app is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suite that gives on-the-go business users full and customized access to enterprise information, with real-time dashboard portlets, KPI metric synchronization, and productivity tools for real time management of data.

Take advantage of the Records screen to quickly access records you have recently viewed or edited, save searches, and sync them between mobile app and web application.


The NetSuite iPhone app gives mobile users access to desktop-grade business functionality on the go, helping to increase productivity and mobility through sales reps, executives and end users completing key tasks using their iPhones.

Expense reporting, call logging and time tracking can all be easily managed using this app. With convenient uploads of receipt images and seamless workflows for remote working sessions, this tool makes an ideal companion on-the-go or when working from home.

Administrators can assign access to the NetSuite iPhone app based on specific roles. All records viewed or edited using this application sync up with its corresponding web version for accurate reflection of any changes made. Two-factor authentication via RSA tokens requires answering security questions upon login while IP filtering limits how many devices may access this application at one time.


Timesheets offer project-based employees an efficient, mobile-oriented way to quickly and efficiently submit detailed timesheets – both from within their office environment or remotely – on any mobile device or platform. Users can set approval workflows and send reminders so that timesheets are submitted on time; track hours worked directly against projects/tasks for expeditious project management/accounting.

Users can tailor time input to meet the requirements of their company, creating and submitting multiple time entries in bulk, editing previously approved ones, denying or re-approve them if necessary, tracking billable time directly within NetSuite as well as posting time transactions directly.

SuiteFlow customizations and forms work out-of-the-box on the iPhone app, including global search that allows users to begin their search anywhere within the application. Reordering home dashboard portlets is also straightforward, with changes automatically updating on both sides.


NetSuite’s cloud ERP and CRM application provides mobile access, allowing end users such as Sales Reps to report expenses and log calls in real time from anywhere, with real-time dashboard portlets and KPI’s for real-time monitoring, calendar entries, lead/prospect data access as well as customer records and productivity tools available at their fingertips.

Administrators can enable mobile device access on a per role basis. Once a user logs on they can set their app to remember their password and automatically login using Apple’s Keychain security functionality.

The iPhone app also supports RSA tokens for two-factor authentication (two-FA). If your organization uses this security measure and you own a SecurID fob or Software Token app from RSA, this can be used to authenticate login to the iPhone app – although password authentication will still be necessary – thus helping protect against theft of your phone if lost or stolen.


Working on the go can be difficult, from documenting expenses and log calls, to reviewing reports quickly. netsuite ERP iPhone Apps provide an essential solution that keeps you on top of your business no matter where it takes place.

This release brings NetSuite for iOS app closer to functional parity with its Android counterpart, including new features such as a refreshed Records List experience with more natural placement of Recents, improved search capabilities and support for Saved Searches based on custom records.

Security-wise, the app offers two-factor authentication via RSA tokens when accessing roles with full data access (e.g. Administrator). Furthermore, you can now log in using either an RSA token generated from a SecurID fob or soft tokens generated through the RSA SecurID Software Token application – it even stores limited encrypted NetSuite data locally on devices!

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