NetSuite Human Capital Management

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netsuite human capital management

Human capital management encompasses much more than employee administration; it covers recruiting, performance evaluation and pay equity among many other processes related to HR.

Managers need a solution that brings together multiple systems or outside services in an effective and efficient manner, and SuitePeople combines NetSuite’s power with great user experiences to automate and simplify most HR functions.

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is an essential component of human resource management. It provides new employees with an introduction to the company’s products, services and culture as well as providing an opportunity to explore how their role fits within it and contributes towards its success.

Reducing employee information entry, new hire onboarding, performance measurement, payroll processing, promotions and compensation changes with NetSuite SuitePeople is made easier through World Synergy’s implementation and integration services. SuitePeople gives businesses complete control over core HR processes delivering operational efficiencies, support for compliance efficiency and improved insights to enhance strategic decision making.

Improved data accuracy, reduced IT costs and streamlined data entry are essential elements to helping teams work faster without disruptions or employee discontent. Employee happiness increases significantly when they don’t spend their time dealing with payroll and benefit questions – leading to increased productivity, lower turnover rates and greater engagement rates overall. Achieve all this by unifying HR and accounting functions under one system of record.

Employee Self Service

NetSuite human capital management is an all-encompassing suite of business applications that provides employees and managers with comprehensive tools for handling employee tasks and processes efficiently and enabling businesses to make data-backed decisions aligned with optimal workplace execution and business performance.

Software features include applicant tracking, onboarding and performance management. The talent acquisition module also helps businesses automate job postings, resume screening/prequalifying/hiring as well as scheduling interviews and tracking their schedule.

Their unified system eliminates the need for multiple systems by centralizing HR, payroll and financial data into one database. Employees can easily access their own personal information as well as requests for time off/vacation schedules/performance reviews through this user-friendly system.

Our payroll processing module takes care in handling every aspect of payroll – deductions, tax filing and local printing. In addition, it offers various payroll reports which can be tailored specifically to fit individual company needs.

Employee Performance Management

Human resource management software applications that track employee performance through goal setting and reviews provide companies with essential tools for developing, nurturing and retaining top talent. This tool simplifies data accuracy while offering highly engaging employee experiences while supporting evidence-backed decisions to align workforce execution with business performance.

SuitePeople is an integrated solution that connects people data to ERP/financials, CRM, PSA and omnichannel commerce to enable businesses to manage all aspects of their operations efficiently in one streamlined process. SuitePeople allows HR professionals and managers to manage employee information such as recent hires, staff onboarding processes, payroll processing, performance evaluation and promotions easily while expanding HR processes with business growth.

SuitePeople was designed for global workforces with multiple regional needs, and provides an effortless user experience. It includes a centralized employee directory which makes finding information across locations easy while maintaining single sign-on.

Employee Engagement

SuitePeople HR offers an integrated approach to HR management, payroll, and performance that increases employee engagement and business results by eliminating manual data entry and reconciliations, improving data accuracy, expanding reporting flexibility and aligning workforce goals with financial ones.

This comprehensive solution integrates HR data with financial, procurement, project and planning and budgeting processes – eliminating the need for multiple systems. SuitePeople HR offers human resource teams a powerful solution for overseeing employee profiles, time off requests, compensation details and costs, benefits programs and recognition initiatives. This system of record streamlines performance management by providing managers with an engaging way of engaging their employees as goals are set, progress is tracked and achievements celebrated. SuitePeople HR, part of NetSuite Suite, allows organizations to manage HR processes and workflows that best represent their organizational structure – leading to faster time to value creation, increased corporate efficiency and enhanced client success.

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