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home depot city of industry

Home Depot is one of America’s premier home-improvement retailers. Operating big-box stores throughout the U.S. (including Puerto Rico and Guam), all 10 provinces of Canada, and Mexico.

This company actively contributes to various green programs by contributing time, money, supplies, and volunteers for local initiatives. Their outstanding customer service provides outstanding merchandise selection with their wide variety of merchandise lines.

What to Expect

Home Depot can be an intimidatingly large store to navigate, making planning ahead an essential for saving both time and money. Also be sure to research their business hours beforehand – these vary depending on where in the store you visit.

Stores across the United States offer various services, such as bathroom showrooms, moving truck rentals and home services. Furthermore, they feature an impressive collection of flooring in various styles and colors to meet client needs.

Home Depot employees enjoy great treatment at work, receiving higher pay than most retailers and paid vacation. In addition, the Pro Desk program provides benefits such as private checkout lanes and support purchasing of hard-to-find items. Home Depot dominates most foot traffic across California with only sparsely populated states such as Marin County (across from San Francisco) giving Ace an opportunity to compete.


Home Depot first opened for business in 1978. Thanks to its size and focus on supplier negotiations, its success has resulted in lower prices being passed on directly to consumers – placing pressure on smaller hardware chains and independent stores while also creating new competition such as Lowe’s.

California expansion for Home Depot has been propelled by strong sales at their 95 existing California locations, due to consumer spending on home improvement projects being buoyed by an improved economy and rising commodity prices, particularly those for building materials, which has enabled it to enjoy higher profits than its competition.

Mission Valley residents anticipate a new store will create around 175 jobs when it opens later this year, covering an area of 102,000 square feet with garden center space and parking for 421 cars. It will be located south of the freeway along Camino Del Rio South; that road already sees traffic backups, and residents of University Heights are concerned about its effects.

Customer Service

Home Depot is an international chain of retail home improvement stores known for providing an assortment of tools and appliances at competitive prices. Their signature “big box” format can be found across 50 states as well as in 10 Canadian provinces and Mexico City.

The company is also committed to sustainability and works closely with environmental groups on various green programs, such as tree-planting. In the late 1990s it pledged to stop selling lumber from forests threatened by deforestation; more recently in 2007 they pledged to plant 3 million trees over 10 years, beginning at their Atlanta headquarters.

Company offers customers both in-store and online customer service options to best meet their needs. Customers who visit a physical location between 8 am and 8 pm Monday to Friday can connect with an associate while its online customer service department operates from 6 am to 2 am daily.


Home Depot has long been known for its large warehouse format and industry dominating business model that emphasizes broad selection at low prices, and their stores have often been called “category killers,” forcing many small independent hardware and home improvement retailers out of business. Alongside retail stores, The Home Depot operates an expansive network of specialty home improvement stores known as Pro Depot as well as wholesale operations through Interline Brands.

Recent expansion of The Home Depot has been propelled by an improving economy, strong sales at existing California stores and consumers’ willingness to spend more money on home improvement projects. But this surge of growth has caused other large home improvement chains such as Orchard Supply Hardware of San Jose (68 stores) and Eagle Building & Garden (Renton), Washington to make moves against it in terms of mergers and acquisitions in retail sector mergers & acquisitions; these include Orchard Supply Hardware from California (67 stores) and Eagle Building & Garden of Renton in Washington (32 stores).

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