Digital Transformation

How to Structure Google Ads Text Campaigns for Ecommerce

Promoting an ecommerce business through text-based, pay-per-click advertising has numerous advantages. They seem simple ads but they appear much higher on a search results page than organic listings. They can help you to reach your potential customers and those who are actively looking for those items that you sell. The way an account is structured is one of the major ways to make Google Ads search campaign successful. You need to figure out what type of search campaigns your business should run, how your company will handle ad groups within each campaign and think about the keywords chosen for each

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How Vodafone Is Driving Digital Transformation With IoT Solutions

Internet of things (IoT) has revolutionized telecom companies by enhancing their business procedures and generate more revenue. According to GSMA, IoT can generate $1.8 trillion in revenue for mobile network operators by 2026. IoT is transforming businesses and helps them to launch new products and improve customer experiences. IoT-ready businesses are able to track & record consumer-behavior patterns which help them to launch the next level marketing/advertising strategy accordingly. The shift in the way businesses function and employees’ work is evident. Thomas Hanappi, Vodafone’s Head of IoT Sales in the Middle East, in an interview, talked about some of the

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