Digital Transformation With The Top 20 Tech Consultants

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Digital transformation is inevitable and crucial for contemporary businesses. But starting a programme of digital transformation without knowledge is not wise, as there are several possible difficulties throughout the way like dead-end technology or incorrectly executed systems. Here comes the technology advisor, a reliable associate knowing cybersecurity or cloud computing as well. It might be a relatively new concept to the more esteemed specialized services firms, however, it is turning out to be a significant component of their contribution- both for themselves and customers.

Below are the world’s 20 largest technology consulting companies by the number of employees and how they offer services to the companies during digital transformation.

20. Kearney – 10,000 staff


Management consultants based in Chicago, Kearney rejects the catchphrases and has about 100 years of history demonstrating its battle to applying just the newest trends.

19. Bain – 11,000 staff

Big three management consultant Bain & Company provides a “digital delivery platform” named as Vector, which assists businesses to modernize and advance in the path towards digital transformation.

18. Gartner 11,000 staff

A research and advisory firm – Gartner is popular for market analysis in the type of its Magic Quadrant reports. Its glossary conveys that the word ‘digital transformation’ has been undervalued to denote merely digitization.

17. Avanade – 11,000 staff

Accenture subsidiary Avanade was created as a shared project with Microsoft – then focussing on Microsoft technology, for example, the Azure cloud platform.

16. Capgemini – 13,000 staff


Paris-based consulting multinational Capgemini issues a Digital Transformation Review, which is on its 12th edition now. It explains the shifting aspects of digital transformation. Its newest version emphasizes the idea of digital mastery.

15. NTT Data – 14,000 staff

NTT Data is Japan’s largest IT services firm, providing its consultancy services worldwide. It handles digital transformation with a so-called “5-R Methodology”: recognize, rethink, render, reorganize, and realize.

14. Atkins Global – 16,000 staff

The subsidiary of Canada’s SNC-Lavalin provides consultancy services in a particular engineering background. Therefore, it emphasizes the role technologies including virtual reality and building information modeling have in digital transformation.

13. Grant Thornton 17,000 staff

Accountancy network Grant Thornton recognizes industries such as financial services and online retail to be the front-runners in digital transformation and provides support from creating digital goals to finding the needed technology.

12. BCG – 19,000 staff


Boston Consulting Group is an organization of management consultants from Boston- the city from which the group took its name. The company classifies four parts of digital transformation, including digitizing customer relationships and harnessing data.

11. Deloitte (Consulting & Digital Divisions) – 20,000 staff

Big Four professional services firm Deloitte discusses digital transformation facilitating “digital maturity”, which comprises of, not only technology but organizational, operational and behavioral parts as well.

10. Mckinsey – 25,000 staff

Management consultants McKinsey recognizes five main aspects to an effective digital transformation: digital-savvy leaders; creating a workforce of the future; encouraging the latest methods of functioning; advancing everyday devices, and interacting regularly.

9. DXC – 59,000 staff

US-based IT services firm DXC technology states that its facility of an enterprise technology stack can benefit companies to turn into “21st-century” businesses.

8. KPMG – 64,000 staff

It is one of the Big Four accounting companies. KPMG’s digital transformation consulting efforts suggest the analysis of the businesses “born digital”, and the implementation of a “digital-first” mindset.

7. PwC Consulting – 167,000 staff


Professional services network PwC declares that it assists its clients to attain “durable” growth using a digital transformation programme which comprises of not only the technology but agility as well as adoption.

6. Infosys – 196,000 staff

Indian business and IT consultant Infosys highlights the small shelf life of formerly unquestionable leaders such as Sears and Blockbuster to realize the fact that minus digital transformation, businesses are trapped on technology islands of their own making.

5. Cognizant – 211,000 staff

Multinational IT services firm Cognizant has given in writing about “How to win the digital transformation game”, highlighting that the companies that don’t digitally transform fall behind.

4. EY – 241,000 staff

London-based specialized services multinational EY expresses its attitude to digital transformation and that is to “unlock the human potential” by creating “new and better ways of working”.

3. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) – 367,000 staff


It is a subsidiary of the Indian conglomerate Tata group and is the biggest dedicated IT services provider of the world. It executes the solutions of other providers, and aggressively researches and devotes in its own devices, with internal rewards for innovation.

2. Accenture – 442,000 staff

Accenture is a dedicated professional services firm. It distributes the prospects of digital strategies into three portions: connecting with digital customers; converting into a digital enterprise and creating new business models.

1. IBM Global Business Services – 517,000 staff

American technology giant IBM’s professional services arm, IBM Global Business Services, works together with corporations to aid them to develop “cognitive enterprises” with the help of the latest and evolving technologies such as the cloud.

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