Digital Transformation: From Efficient to Innovative

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Digital Transformation: From Efficient to Innovative

One of the emerging trends in the field of law enforcement is digital transformation. Transformations in the field of police work are afoot. The transformation calls for an evolution in the way police officers do their work, both on the job and off the job. This change is taking place because of changing priorities in society, the way technology has affected the public, and because of changes in the face of crime. This is not an easy transformation for police departments to undertake, but the results may be profound.

Technology is affecting every aspect of life. It can affect the quality of a job, the level of safety that a person can enjoy when they are at home, and even the legality of how a person may go about carrying a weapon. Because technology has reached so far, the relationship between police and the community must also change. Often times, technology is used as a justification for law enforcement officials to step outside of their jurisdiction. A prime example of this is the use of GPS technology to track vehicles.

Tracking vehicles is a popular program within the realm of police work. Although some police departments have already begun using GPS tracking, others have yet to come to terms with the idea of digital transformation. There are many questions that must be answered before police officers are able to implement a GPS tracking system on a vehicle. Chief questions, such as what happens if the vehicle is stolen, or if there was an incident in which the vehicle was used for criminal purposes, will need to be answered.

Digital transformation is also impacting how police officers to report information to the community. Many departments have been slow to adopt mobile technology. Early systems, such as GPRS, were unreliable and expensive, often resulting in inaccurate reports. Now, with more affordable and high quality technology, mobile devices are being adopted by police departments.

Mobile technology can do a lot for the police force. Not only can it provide accurate and complete reports of crimes, but it can also streamline the delivery of information to citizens and improve the accuracy of data transmission. As well, it provides an opportunity to increase community goodwill and collaboration with the police force. This type of technology will enable police officers to interact with people in the community and do what they can to stop crime.

Perhaps the most significant feature of digital technology in a cell phone is its ability to instantly encrypt all messages and data. If an officer wishes to read a particular message, he does not need to open the message, but instead, he can look at the code that is contained within the cellular device. The digital code of an email is much harder to decipher than the code of a text message. As a result, the police department is now considering mobile applications to aid in the apprehension of criminals and to reduce crime within the city limits. Currently, however, the department is limited to working with technology that provides text messaging and Internet access through the use of hand held devices.

Another type of digital transformation that is beginning to impact the police force is surveillance equipment. In years past, police officials have relied upon video cameras and monitoring towers to monitor traffic, public places, and private property. While these video and audio recording technologies were quite effective, they proved vulnerable to tampering and recording errors. As a result, mistakes concerning the arrest of suspects and the enforcement of laws were often missed.

Fortunately, this does not mean that digital transformation is forever. Currently, many states are passing bills that require police officers to carry around digital devices that contain sufficient data to allow them to perform their duties effectively. Such devices are often similar to those used by IRS auditors. They record the suspect’s face and voice and then play back to ensure that the individual’s statements match those of the officer who wrote the report. The same type of technology is being employed in hospitals, financial institutions, and large companies throughout the world. By using digital transformation, these organizations are ensuring that they are able to serve effectively to their customers, rather than waiting for a mistake to happen.

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