Digital Marketing Strategy for Manufacturing Industry

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digital marketing strategy for manufacturing industry

Manufacturing companies rely on traditional marketing channels like trade shows and word of mouth to promote their products, but industrial buyers are increasingly turning to the web instead of calling sales reps for answers to technical inquiries.

Finding an effective digital marketing strategy for your business is of utmost importance, here are a few strategies you should keep in mind:.

Content marketing

Manufacturers need a content marketing strategy in place to ensure their ideal prospective customers find them when searching online. Producing useful and educational blog posts answering commonly asked questions like the physics behind torque-speed curves or providing tips for selecting an appropriate pump can help. A pump manufacturer, for instance, could write one about choosing an appropriate pump based on specific applications or even simply offering educational answers can make all the difference for success.

Ideal content distribution methods would include social media and YouTube. For instance, posting videos such as pump demonstrations or how-to tutorials on these channels would enable viewers to share this with colleagues more easily.

Digital marketing can help B2B industrial manufacturing companies generate leads effectively. But quality should always come before quantity; while more leads may seem desirable, only qualified leads will convert to customers and this requires using strategies like PPC advertising, SEO optimization and retargeting to generate them.

Social media marketing

As manufacturers update their plants to be more energy efficient and cost effective, their marketing efforts must adapt as well. This requires taking a more targeted approach with more granular messaging that reaches distributors, wholesalers and customers alike.

Manufacturers need to gain an understanding of how their ideal customers purchase products, use websites and track results of various tactics they try. They need to assess what metrics will produce leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains one of the most powerful yet under-utilized strategies, helping manufacturers increase online visibility and outpace competitors. Though SEO requires time and effort to implement, properly implemented changes can create significant ROI and give industrial manufacturers an edge against rivals.

Trade shows and events

An effective digital marketing strategy can help generate leads, create brand recognition, and expand customer bases. There are various marketing channels you can utilize for this goal such as SEO, PPC advertising and social media. When developing such an approach it’s key that quality over quantity is prioritized to maximize effectiveness of efforts and target your intended audience effectively.

Many manufacturing companies rely on trade shows and word-of-mouth promotion of their products to market them, yet these tactics do not always produce positive results. Many industrial buyers tend to avoid talking directly with salespeople in favor of conducting their research online – meaning many manufacturers struggle to convert prospects into customers.

Digital marketing for manufacturing companies can be a challenging yet fruitful venture with the right tools. By employing effective strategies, you can reach your target market more efficiently and fuel business growth. A fractional CMO can help guide this process and assist in formulating an effective digital marketing plan.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most efficient means of reaching customers and prospects. Email enables you to stay in contact with those who have already expressed an interest in your products or services and nurture leads until they’re ready to purchase. Email also lets you track metrics that allow for optimization of campaigns.

B2B buyers typically take longer than consumers to make purchasing decisions, so it is essential that businesses remain visible during their research phase. Communicating assets such as case studies and client testimonials via email communication will establish your brand as an industry authority while increasing lead conversions.

Manufacturers need a digital marketing strategy that generates MQLs (marketing qualified leads that can be nurtured until they’re ready to purchase), SQLs (sales qualified leads), and online purchases. To do this, manufacturers should create an action plan aligned with their goals and budget; many turn to professional digital marketing agencies for assistance in this endeavor.

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