Cybersecurity Companies to Watch Out For

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In light of recent news regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber vulnerabilities, one might wonder which companies are “C cybersecurity companies to watch” in the wake of all this. The truth is there are many. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of thousands. It will be difficult for any company to be completely “watch out” from the government, but companies can be targeted based on certain criteria. Here are a few.

cybersecurity companies to watch

The federal government is a huge target by cyber criminals. Hackers, nation-state attackers, and malicious Internet users all have a hand in some form or another in attacking U.S. networks. Some of these attacks originate inside the government. While no one has ever hacked the government directly, it is very possible that they could do so. As a result, it is always a good idea to have an outside company to help watch over any potential government leaks or breaches.

On the other hand, it is also very common for a cyber attack to emanate from the private sector. This is usually the work of hackers or “cript runners”. They can easily access a network without the permission of an actual employee or member of the government. Some companies have even had their networks infiltrated by outside sources. Whether these attacks originate from the government or the private sector, the results are the same: vulnerable and unprotected systems.

In the aftermath of recent events, it is understandable that members of the federal government would want to hold themselves up above any possible fall-out. Unfortunately, this does not always work. Sometimes attackers strike not from the federal government but from businesses that work in the U.S. It is here that watchdogs such as the Cybersecurity Exchange Market (exchange) and DoS Watchdog (DoS) become important.

These companies monitor and track activities within the DoS space. They also make sure that companies working with the federal government are following proper DoS guidelines. These companies will provide reports to the agencies involved. This ensures that proper implementation and enforcement take place.

The DoS Watchdog does much more than just identify unauthorized transfers of cyberspace. It also tracks down and removes problematic elements. Some companies may be removed for using unproductive or illegal methods to gather intelligence. This can have a knock on effect in other departments. It is for reasons such as this that watching over companies like these are so important. The DoS Watchdog can even make recommendations to the federal government on ways to improve its handling of cyber issues.

There are other benefits to DoS Watchdog groups. For instance, these companies provide a useful service to the general public. They research and report on the various threats to companies both large and small. These non-profit groups often publish reports on the Internet and in trade journals. Additionally, some of them also serve on advisory committees to the federal government as well as to state governments.

As you can see, there are many benefits of watching companies like Cybereguard America. Many of these benefits have direct ties to national security. But even if you do not directly relate to cyber issues there are still benefits to consider. Just knowing that someone is watching out for your digital backside can be comforting in many different ways.

In addition to the benefits above, it is nice to know that the government is taking an active role in protecting private sector information. Cybersecurity legislation is not new, but it is only in the past few years that the federal government has gotten involved. In the past, companies such as NSA have kept a close eye on cyber issues, but they were usually concerned with staying within the purview of U.S. laws. Now, the NSA shares this information with the Department of Homeland Security.

It is not just the federal government that is watching over cyber activity. The private sector is doing its share, too. This is why many major corporations now have their own internal cyber security teams. Even small companies such as those based out of Texas are now getting in on the game. These businesses use the expertise and resources of cyber security experts to keep their information safe.

Of course, there is no telling what will occur in the future. However, it is comforting to know that major businesses and other organizations are stepping up their game to protect themselves. This makes it more likely that the government will also take an active role in cyber issues, because it is clear that the theft of information is at an all-time high right now. Knowing which companies to watch for will only increase the likelihood that the government will intervene.

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