How Can Digital Transformation Statistics Help Your Business?

How Can Digital Transformation Statistics Help Your Business? What does the digital transformation mean to you? Digital means different things to different people. Just a few years ago it meant high definition television and the internet. Now it means augmented reality glasses, internet-connected television, and holographic smart phones. It’s a fact that the digital transformation will continue to occur. In fact, the transformations are happening right now. Take a look at your favorite grocery store or supermarket. Chances are you will find that the displays have changed and the displays have become digital. There is so much more to digital

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Manufacturing Digital Transformation Strategies

A manufacturing digital transformation is much more than purchasing new machinery for the entire factory or making subtle changes to an existing software stack. It encompasses a pervasive transformation that permeates all corners of the company. Your blueprint is a powerful tool to make sure that all of these components align with your customers’ needs, the corporate goal. In this article, we will consider four foundational components of a manufacturing digital transformation. The first component of a manufacturing digital transformation is Artificial Intelligence. Traditional manufacturing requires factories to routinely scan hundreds of pages of manufacturing log data per hour to

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