10 Predictions For A New Decade: How 5G, Digital Transformation, And Cloud Will Impact Our Lives

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Contemplating on the technological developments of the past and working for the introduction of new ones is an important exercise. Keeping this in mind, the following 10 predictions regarding technology are done for a new decade.

1. 5G Will Be A Life-Changer But Won’t Be Fully Available

The way consumers live and businesses communicate with customers will be transformed with the introduction of 5G technologies. But it will be available completely, neither in 2020 nor in 2021. Its mass accessibility is possible way ahead in the future even for the initial adopting community. However 5G companies will persuade businesses to pay for “5G connectivity” even though what they are going to get then will be similar to what they are getting now.

2. Digital Transformation Progress Will Continue On A Slow But Steady Trend

Companies will move towards their digital future continuously and at a steady pace in the coming year, but it might take another decade for the majority of the industries to understand their complete digital potential. Also, if you’re thinking about your company’s digital transformation strategy, it is not necessary to transform every part of the business at the same time. So concentrate on the critical functions that can be digitized to compete in your marketplace.

3. AI Is Getting Smarter, And It Will Make Your Life Easier

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Lifelike chatbots are in right now. Soon AI will take big leaps toward complementing human capability in checking and addressing IT communications network traffic. This is great information for businesses as it will not only increase the resolution of the problems but also foretell and avoid concerns from emerging in the first place.

4. AI And 5G Will Bring The ‘Intelligent Edge’ To Life

An important trend in IT is the method of shifting computing power and applications to the edge of the network. It is not a new approach but it is where business transactions are finished usually and has become an essential trend in IT. AI proxies will start to parse data and make warp-speed decisions in 2020. This and the speeding up of 5G combined will allow huge data transfers.

5. The IT Skills Gap Will Turbocharge Everything As A Service (Xaas)

In the coming year, the quick pace of innovation in IT will increase the IT skills gap and drive businesses to find more and more business applications and services in the cloud and on-demand instead of building in-house. Internal departmental developers in a company are going to be mainstream and pervade the whole organization.

6. Businesses Will Need To Prepare For Security At The Speed Of 5G

5G will increase interaction due to its high speed and low latency but it will also increase corruption by giving hackers access to confidential data at fast speeds as soon as they enter networks and devices. Only AI and intelligent automation can deal with the number of breaches. Add AI into cybersecurity plans as companies get ready for 5G.

7. Businesses Will Invest In ‘Disaster-Proofing’ Themselves Against Climate Change And The Economy

The service of weather arrangements, business continuity, and disaster recovery will increase radically because climate change is causing devastation. Businesses will consider this as the essentiality of survival to invest more in spare arrangements and third-party service providers so they pass through the crisis period smoothly. Applications will become “mobile” and can move between clouds and private data centers on demand.

8. Private 5G Networks Will Be Built

Source: e-bezpeci.cz

The average charge of a data breach is increasing, which will make private wireless networks (PWNs) take part in initiatives involving public safety, home care, hospital settings, field service management, services, and related industries. PWNs will help to make sure that mobile workforces can keep application sessions constantly open as they link through several wireless networks and encounter gaps in coverage as they conduct possibly lifesaving activities.

9. Network Cloudification Will Accelerate As Software-Defined Networks Claim Primacy Over Physical Equipment

Software-defined networks are quickly substituting purpose-built appliances with the help of the cloud, virtualization, and containerization, which is decreasing costs and providing better service and bandwidth to distributed enterprises all over the place. More companies will shift their networks to the cloud in the coming year making it a tipping point for software-defined networks.

10. 2020 Will Mark The Beginning Of The SD-LAN Transformation.

The coming years will see a shift to the next networking phase SD-LAN, having all the advantages of SD-WAN but also offers business continuity to the network access layer. It’s application-driven and form networks that are centrally managed and easier to use, integrate, and scale to the end-user, offering complete visibility and programmability from end-user to application.

The future course of technology can’t be predicted exactly but we can count on some certainties. Change is coming at an increasing speed, and new technologies will evolve. Having an understanding of what is ahead of the digital horizon will help your company plan, and lead the competition.

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