10 Big Data Use Cases Explaining Digital Transformation

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Our digital footprints impact the universal big data in a big way, much more than you can realize. Big data is more and more used for daily marketing optimization, personalized predictions, vitals monitoring, enhanced banking and education, and boosting operational estimates.

Below is a complete list of 10 use cases of big data elucidating digital transformation.


Huge financial information that is in banks is kept safe using big data. This big data is examined for expenditure patterns from savings, to credit card buying to identify scams and avoid them from happening. You may get a call/mailer from your banker to ensure that the transaction is authentic if you are swiping your card for an expensive purchase.

Also, big data is used by most banks to detect thefts. For example, if a regular employee buys something of small value at the start of the month but all of a sudden the bank sees an increase in gas stations and convenience stores throughout the town, then they might connect with the customer to know about the fresh expenditure to ensure whether the customer’s card is stolen and needs to be frozen.

Online Shopping

Big data in retail has caused an extreme alteration in the whole industry. Retailers leverage big data from the minute a customer starts their shopping. Big data is all over, be it targeted advertisements or the delivery of your parcel. Your cookies and history for curated shopping experiences are tracked by the webpages that you surf which will provide some information to the retailers so that they can optimize their offerings.

Vital Monitoring

Source: uowmkdu.edu.my

A wonderful way to keep health and fitness under check is by wearing a device like a health watch to monitor daily activity and sleep. The integration of big data with technology changes our lifestyles, facilitating us to monitor our immunity ourselves to make sure we follow healthy habits battling the Coronavirus pandemic.

Energy Consumption

Big Data collectively with smart IoT devices allow smart meters to self-regulate energy consumption resulting in the effective usage of energy. These smart meters are installed at communities to get data from sensors throughout urban space. They regulate where energy regresses and flows are highest at any given time, to be reorganized throughout the complete grid evenly particularly where it is required the most to make sure the proficient distribution of energy throughout the particular network.


Big data streamlines logistics to run effortlessly in precise timelines. It is broadly used in transportation to arrange flights, access the need for seats based on seasonal fluctuations, perform competition analysis based on the latest societal trends or activities and guess any flight delays depending on weather data. Further big data is arranged to precisely forecast the number of planes needed in the future depending on existing use and fleet deployments.

Digital Advertising

Source: .righttimemarketer.com

Data science and big data are generally used in the digital marketing gamut, such as digital billboards, display banners at airports, and on diverse websites respectively harnessing data science algorithms to supporting advertisers to get their possible customers. Digital advertisements centered on the user’s historical behavior and their digital footprints guarantee a higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate) in comparison to traditional advertisements.


Another industry that creates an enormous quantity of data daily is healthcare. Big data decrease the expenditures of medication as less probabilities are carrying out needless analysis. It helps in foreseeing epidemic outbreaks and also in determining the protective measures that can be taken to stop preventable diseases by identifying them in the initial phases. Patients can be given evidence-based medicine which is known and suggested after investigating the past outcomes of the same drug.

Music and Entertainment

OTT and music on-demand platforms such as Netflix and Amazon music use big data to create predictive machine learning algorithms that study a user’s music entertainment inclinations to suggest new shows and music the algorithm judges the user would enjoy.

Home Security

Source: vivint.com

Big data has a key role to help law implementation agencies to identify the location of the next crime, due to which they can redistribute their resources. It is also helpful in keeping your home safe. A home security system installed in the house links to a database of operators who can immediately investigate any difficulties identified by the system to notify the user for any dubious action.


Big data linked to students, faculty, courses, and results, and so on are stored in the education industry. Correct research and examination of this data offer beneficial understandings that can be used to advance the functioning of educational institutes and their efficiency in working. A descriptive analysis of the records each student helps to know each student’s progress, interests, strengths, and weaknesses to make a tailored study programme ideal for their career goals.


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